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A Season to be (Extra) Kind

Carousel is an independent jewellery brand on a mission to add colour and craft to people’s lives. But let’s forget about jewellery for a minute and talk about the year 2020.

This year, we were all thrown into a bit of a muddle. Our lives were turned upside down. Whether in London, or Berlin, or Toronto or Dublin or Paris or Dubai, we all met with challenges that we never thought we’d experience.

Whether spending endless hours with our stay-at-home children, or facing new job insecurities as the pandemic hit our economies, or finding ourselves alone more often as our societies fought covid-19, one thing is for certain - this year was very different from any we’d experienced before.

Not all of us fared the same from 2020. While some of us dealt with new uncertainties and worries, others, more fortunate, found new opportunities and serendipitous change. Some were able to develop their relationhips with their families and friends by spending less time at work. Others decided to upend their lives and move to pastures new, away from the bustle of the city. Hopefully, whether now or in future, all of us can eventually find a silver lining from this odd-ball of a year. 

In the meantime, we at Carousel would like to propose that this December, we all try to do something simple yet special, something that’s in all our abilities. Let’s be extra kind to each other. 

Let’s think carefully about what we can do. It might mean calling that relative or friend who lives alone, who might not have much human company these days. It could be making sure we’re being gentle with our flatmates, our children, our friends and partners, our pets. Or it might mean getting out of our comfort zones and making a great contribution through volunteering or charity, to help the hardest hit by economic bad luck.

Whatever it is, this is the season to remember that kindness spreads through people like fire. One little act by you - a smile, a small favour, a gentle touch - is copied by the next person. And the next thing you know, a chain of warmth and goodwill spreads around the world.

So let’s do this together. Let’s do what we can to get kindness flowing this December. 2021 is coming fast, and good things will come to us, if we’re kind enough to see them.

With love from the Carousel team