Modernist jewellery with nostalgic details.

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Beautiful jewellery can bring us closer to the person we are, help energise us, and help us to be our best selves.

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The curious history of 5 gemstones.

Precious jewellery has played a fascinating role in human history. What properties did past generations attribute to natural gemstones?

Let's find out.


Our new pieces feature natural gemstones worked by hand, in forms that move freely and with ease.

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From our press loved hoops through to our unique heirloom inspired jewels shop our bestsellers before they're gone! 

It started with an idea.

My name's Sally. Five years ago I pulled my boots up and founded a jewellery brand.

I had a core idea in mind - that the past is beautiful. So I studied the history of jewellery - the metals, stones and insignia people of past generations used to adorn their human figures.

If you're new to us here at Carousel Jewels, here's a snapshot of what happened next.

Our history

People, animals and plants.

Keeping nature beautiful >>

The lifecycle of our handcrafted jewellery.

1. We design it obsessively.

Design is a principle at Carousel - we often iterate a half dozen times before it's ready for production.

2. We handcraft it meticulously.

Master artesans make every piece by hand. This means that every piece of our jewellery is a unique first edition.

3. We ship it with principles.

Our jewels make their way to you in zero-plastic, all-recyclable materials - next day delivery, if you need it.

4. You plant a tree!

After your order is placed, a tree is planted by one of our partners, an international NGO.

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When our pieces sell out, we can't guarantee that they'll come back in stock. The market for precious stones and metals is always in flux - the nature of our supply line is such that we are constantly renewing our designs.


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