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Our Philosophy

Being an independent, ethically sensitive brand, we have a human centred responsible approach to retail and do not outsource anything. We are in touch with our makers daily and work very closely with them.  We know where our raw materials come from with a concerted effort to use recycled ones wherever possible.   Our philosophy is based on the age-old trinity of skill, craftsmanship and quality. 
Our pieces are made by hand and in small production runs out of enduring materials. We want to work sustainably and not overproduce anything there is not a demand for.  We also avoid framing our collections around transient trends adding to the uniqueness of our pieces and the longevity of their appeal.  

Every Collection will always feature our sustainable "reinvented" pieces too where we source beautiful old antique trinkets and coins and reuse them in new one-of-a-kind styles.  

Our jewels are made with great care and a lot of love is put into the process of design through to an end product we are very proud of. We hope you will love your Carousel pieces and enjoy wearing them.


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